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Patharemala, Charholi Budruk, pune
MAHARERA : P52100026529
Carpet Area
59.13 LACS*
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Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Manhattan
Manhattan is the latest addition to the galaxy of residential complexes at Pride World City. Comprising solely and exclusively of high-quality, spacious 2-BHK apartments, Manhattan is the embodiment of our design philosophy, architectural excellence and superior craftsmanship. Experience Maximum Air, Light, Space, Privacy & Fab Views.
Maximum Light
If you ask a question – ‘what’s lux?’ the answer you will most probably get is that it’s a soap. Well it is, but before that it is the short form of Luminous Flux which indicates how well-lit a home is. A minimum of 108 lux are required from sunrise to sunset to keep a home bright. At Pride, we again go beyond and provide you between 180 to 300 lumens, which is a measure of candlelight (one candlelight = one lumen). We also take into consideration the periods during which the sun changes directions – the Uttarayan and Dakshinayan orientations. Our courtyards also act as light wells that brighten up the inner rooms of homes. On top of that, we have one of the best wall-to-window ratios in the industry. Our larger windows bring in more light and air, and help cut down your power bills. Natural light goes 8-10 feet deep into rooms, we make it travel extra distance by introducing multiple windows wherever required.
Maximum Heat Reduction
Getting maximum light and air into homes is a mission at Manhattan. But there’s more. We also keep your homes cooler through the materials we use and some clever engineering. We draw inspiration from tradition. Remember the chhajjas that old homes had? We have a similar structure above the windows that pull away the heat, and solar panels protect the top floor from overheating. Then again, drawing inspiration from the ancient matkas that kept water cold, we use special porous blocks that absorb heat and keep the homes cooler.
Maximum Quality
Our attention to details extends to the materials we use. The steel and cement we use is fresh. Now you would think that when it comes to these materials, freshness hardly matters – but it does. Fresh steel, for instance, is earthquake resistant - it bends to protect the building. If it’s recycled steel, which many construction companies use, it breaks, thus precipitating a building fall. Similarly, we use only fresh cement. If it’s past expiry date, we just send it back. We check the freshness in our laboratories to be certain.
Maximum Privacy
It is surprising how many buildings out there treat your privacy as an afterthought. It is your home, but for your neighbours it is a free show. But none of the properties at Pride World City, including Manhattan, compromise your privacy. No flat owner can peep into your home, and you are not able to see inside their homes. The distance, the direction and the layout all combine to keep your world private. We provide high-quality, brighter and cooler homes, and ensure maximum privacy with entrance lobbies in each apartment.
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Box Cricket / Futsal
Multy-play Court
Function Lawn
Community Hall
Tree House
Herbal Garden
Kid’s Play Area
Jogging/ Walking Track
Pool Deck
Swimming Pool
Kid’s Pool
Skating Rink
Yoga Park
Outdoor Fitness Zone
Meditation Court
Reflexology Path
Earthquake Resistant RCC Framed Structure
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The Pride Group has been a leader in developing state-of-the-art commercial and residential projects, having been consistently transforming cityscapes across Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore, since its inception in the mid-1990's. Bold contemporary designs, highest attention to detail, excellent engineering standards and uncompromised focus on ethics have enabled the Group to earn the distinction of being an innovative and reliable development firm. The Group has also forayed into the luxury hospitality segment with its extensive chain of the Pride Group of Hotels, setting new milestones in hospitality standards in the process. We are committed to excellence in design, development, construction and selling residential and commercial spaces for the urban Indian citizen. Our sights are set on the future with a simple motto: Building Tomorrow. Today.
About Charholi Budruk
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Charholi Budruk is an ancient village near Alandi, in the Pune District, Maharashtra, India. Charholi lies on the southern bank of the Indrayani river. The village was an old marketplace and has a long history. The main occupation of the villagers used to be farming mainly green and leafy vegetables including spinach, bhindi, coriander leaves, and cabbage.
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Kunal Dabhade
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